Superturismo Evoluzione 18"

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99,000.00 ฿

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Superturismo Evoluzione alloy wheel, the multi-spoke with the original Central Lock Cap

The Superturismo LM, derived, like all OZ wheels from racing experience, takes a leap ahead, adding an accessory, the Central Lock Cap. Enter the Superturismo Evoluzione.

In keeping with the latest trend dictates, Gloss Black is the chosen finish for the Superturismo Evoluzione alloy wheel, perfect for empowering your car with an unmistakable racing look. But the true aficionados are those who share a passion for tuning and stanced cars in all-out Wörthersee, XS Car Night or Raceism style.


The Superturismo Evoluzione was engineered for cars that are, above all, the focus of tuning elaborations like the Volkswagen Golf and Audi A3. Available in the following sizes:


8x18” 5x112 ET 35-45-48

8.5x19” 5x108 ET 45

8.5x19” 5x112 ET 30-38-44

8.5x19” 5x114 ET 38

8.5x20” 5x112 ET 30-45

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